Our Mission Partners

CMS (Church Missionary Society)

Millions of men, women and children around the world do not know Jesus. The world is growing and changing rapidly. But the gospel of Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow. CMSs' vision is for a world that knows Jesus. They aim to fulfil their vision by:
  • Reaching gospel-poor peoples for Christ
  • Equipping Christian leaders for church and society
  • Engaging churches in cross-cultural mission
St Matthew's Anglican Church currently partners with CMS in supporting Ian and Jenny Wood. They are working with Indigenous Communities throughout the Northern Territory and are based at Nungalinga College in Darwin.
For more information about CMS go to www.cms.org.au

SIM (Serving in Mission)

SIM is a dynamic team of men and women from all over the world, committed to making Christ known. With approximately 1600 missionaries working in over 60 countries throughout Africa, Asia and South America. SIM is as diverse as the people they serve. St Matthew's Anglican Church currently partners with SIM in supporting Pete & Kathryn working in a Bible teaching ministry in West Africa.

For more information about SIM go to www.sim.org.au

AFES (Australian Fellowship of Evangelical Students)

Universities in Australia are full of students who are poised to make life-changing decisions about what they believe and where they are heading. AFES works in this God-given window of opportunity to reach students for Christ. AFES employs staff to help and encourage students in their Christian growth and witness, and has student groups on campuses in every state and territory in Australia. Groups hold a variety of activities, such as regular public Bible talks, smaller Bible studies, prayer groups, mid-year conferences and outreach events. AFES provides materials to students for evangelism and Bible study, and releases various publications such as Salt Magazine and the email prayer resource.
St Matthew's Anglican Church currently partners with AFES in supporting Dan and Helen King. Dan is on the AFES team at Monash University in Melbourne and works largely with international students.
For more information about AFES go to www.afes.org.au

BCA (The Bush Church Aid Society of Australia)

BCA shares the gospel, builds up the church, and cares for people all around Australia. Their Field Staff serve in regional and remote parts of Australia. Locals in these places are removed from cities, live in sparsely populated towns (sometimes as small as a few hundred people), and often don’t benefit from strong support networks of family and friends. Churches in these areas can struggle, ongoing fellowship can be hard to maintain, and encouragement can become a rarity. With a particular heart for such people, BCA - in conjunction with the various Anglican Dioceses of Australia - places Field Staff, Co-Workers and Affiliates across the continent. Whether working as pastors, teachers, evangelists, chaplains or Scripture teachers, Field Staff bring evangelism, encouragement and ministry to people in all corners of the country. It is their deep desire and prayer that people throughout Australia would bow their knee to Jesus, be transformed by God’s word, and live their lives to His glory. St Matthew's currently partners with BCA in supporting Roger and Amanda Kyngdom and their four children at Newamn in Norht West Western Australia.
For more information about BCA go to www.bushchurchaid.com.au


Anglicare Sydney’s mission, throughout its 158 year history, has been to serve the vulnerable, poor and socially excluded with respect, compassion and love.  They believe God calls us to care for and love one other, just as He cares for and loves us. It is this love, shown to us in the life and death of Jesus Christ that motivates Anglicare to meet the physical, emotional, social and spiritual needs of others.
For more information about Anglicare go to www.anglicare.org.au

Anglican Aid

Anglican Aid is a ministry of the Anglican Diocese of Sydney, which passes on the generosity that God has shown to us in Jesus.
Anglican Aid works in three broad areas:
  • Overseas Development – supports partners in the developing world in areas of health and education.
  • Overseas Ministry – works in partnership with local churches to train men and women for the work of gospel ministry.
  • Community Care – funds local projects to assist the most vulnerable or marginalised in our diocese
For more information about Anglican Aid go to www.anglicanaid.org.au